At MJT & Associates, LLC. Financial Advisory Group we partner with our clients to implement a customized financial strategy developed specifically to our client's aspirations. 

We work together to provide the service you expect from your financial firm of choice. By combining your goals with our expertise, open communication, consistent monitoring, accessibility to products, and technology, we strive to enhance the client/advisor relationship. Take a moment to browse our site and learn more about us. Then contact us to set up a personal consulation. 

We're looking forward to getting to know you as well. 

Picture of Mitchell Thompson, Financial Advisor

Meet Mitchell J. Thompson, CFP®

Mitchell works closely with clients to address their financial concerns and help them achieve their financial goals, and he regularly reviews investment selections for their continued suitability. He also collaborates with tax advisors, attorneys, estate planners, and other financial professionals to help ensure that all of his clients’ financial needs are met. 


We Navigate Clients to Financial Success


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Special Needs

It can be a difficult journey to go alone – endless investment options, competing strategies, confusing tax codes, and complicated legal considerations are among the many obstacles that can derail a plan. But with MJT to guide you, you’ll travel confidently down a path towards your financial success.

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